The Plant List provides an up-to-date overview of the many plants we offer throughout the year for your planning purposes.
Size Pack Plant Dates Available
5"8Amaryllis, Red11/19-12/9
5"8Amaryllis, Red, in faux bois vase11/19-12/9
4"15Azalea, White1/1-12/31
6"6Azalea 'Cupid'1/22-2/11
6"6Azalea, White1/1-12/31
4"12Azalea Topiary1/1-12/31
6.5"6Azalea Topiary1/1-6/10
8"4Azalea Topiary1/22-5/13, 10/1-12/7
Qt15Calla Lily1/1-12/31
6.5"6Calla Lily1/1-12/31
Qt15Calla Lily 'Fiesta Flame'8/14-11/12
6.5"6Calla Lily 'Flame'8/21-11/12
6.5"6Calla Lily, Yellow2/19-9/2
6.5"6Calla Lily 'Night Watch' *New!*8/21-11/12
Qt15Calla Lily, White11/6-12/17
6.5"6Calla Lily, White11/6-12/17
6.5"6Calla Living Bouquet, assorted colors in pot1/22-2/11, 3/19-5/13
5"8Clematis Trellis3/6-6/16
4.5"15Christmas Bells Tree (wick)11/20-12/3
6.5"6Christmas Bells Tree (wick)11/20-12/10
3.5"15Echeveria, Blooming Petite, in vase2/13-8/4
4.5"10Echeveria, Blooming in clay pot1/1-8/4
3.5"10Echeveria 'Devotion™' Petite in clay pot8/26-11/2
4.5"10Echeveria 'Devotion™' in clay pot1/1-12/31
4.5"10Echeveria 'Flamingo' in clay pot6/11-7/22
6.5"6Echeveria 'Flamingo' in clay pot6/11-7/22
3.5"15Echeveria 'Red Velvet™' in vase8/1-9/9
QT15Echeveria 'Red Velvet™'8/1-9/9
6.5"6Echeveria 'Red Velvet™' in clay pot8/1-9/9
4.5"10Echeveria 'Summer Joy' in clay pot *New!*1/1-11/10
6.5"6Echeveria 'Summer Joy' in clay pot *New!*1/1-11/10
6.5"6Freesia1/1-6/3, 8/27-11/11
6.5"6Freesia, White11/5-12/16
3.5"15Gardenia Petite in vase1/1-12/31
6.5"6Helleborus1/1-3/4, 10/15-11/18
6.5"6Helleborus 'Pink Frost'3/6-8/12
6.5"6Helleborus, White11/19-12/23
3.5"15Hens & Chicks *New!*1/1-12/31
4.5"10Hens & Chicks *New!*1/1-12/31
5.5"10Holiday Pine with decorations (available w/ lights)10/30-12/10
6.5"6Holiday Pine with decorations (available w/ lights)10/30-12/10
8"4Holiday Pine with decorations with lights10/30-12/10
8"4Holiday Pine with topper10/30-12/10
8"4Holiday Pine with lights10/30-12/10
3.5"15Hydrangea Petite, Assorted Colors, Multi Bloom in vase1/1-12/31
3.5"15Hydrangea 'Glory' Petite, Multi Bloom in vase1/1-12/31
3.5"15Hydrangea 'Glory' Petite, Multi Bloom in red vase11/13-12/15
3.5"15Hydrangea 'Glory' Petite, Multi Bloom in Red & Blue vases with sparkler, Patriotic Holiday5/15-5/21, 6/11-7/8
4.5"15Hydrangea, Assorted Colors, Single Bloom1/1-12/31
4.5"15Hydrangea, Assorted Colors, Single Bloom, Ice Cream Social in cart shipper *New Design!*5/8-7/26
4.5"15Hydrangea, Pink, Single Bloom, Breast Cancer Awareness in shipper9/4-10/22
4.5"15Hydrangea, Asst Red, White & Blue, Patriotic Holiday, in shipper *New!*5/10-5/16, 6/11-7/8
4.5"15Hydrangea 'White Robe', Single Bloom11/15-12/19
4.5"15Hydrangea, Assorted Colors, Multi Bloom1/1-12/31
4.5"15Hydrangea, Blue, Purple, Lavender, Multi Bloom1/1-12/31
4.5"8Hydrangea, Assorted Colors, Multi Bloom in vase1/1-10/14
4.5"8Hydrangea 'Glory' Multi Bloom in faux bois vase11/12-12/31
6.5"6Hydrangea, Assorted Colors1/1-12/31
6.5"6Hydrangea, Blue1/1-12/31
6.5"6Hydrangea, Blue, Patriotic6/4-7/1
6.5"6Hydrangea, Blue, Purple, Lavender1/1-12/31
6.5"6Hydrangea, Pink1/1-11/25
6.5"6Hydrangea Topiary3/15-5/9
7"4Hydrangea Spiral - White *New!*11/20-12/10
8"4Hydrangea, Assorted Colors1/1-11/11
4.5"15Hydrangea 'Angel's Parasol™' (2018 only)1/1-10/28
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Angel's Parasol™'1/1-10/13
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Berlin' *New!*1/22-2/2, 3/12-5/4
4.5"15Hydrangea 'Magic Carousel™', Multi Bloom1/1-10/12
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Magic Carousel™'2/12-10/12
10"2Hydrangea 'Magic Carousel™' (2018 only)4/30-6/1
4.5"15Hydrangea 'Glory', Multi Bloom1/1-12/31
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Midori™' (2018 only)1/8-4/20
6.5"6Hydrangea 'New Wine™'1/1-12/31
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Noblesse'4/23-10/13, 11/12-12/14
4.5"15Hydrangea 'Peppermint Twist™', Multi Bloom11/12-12/9
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Peppermint Twist™'11/12-12/23
3.5"15Hydrangea 'New Promise™' Petite in vase *New!*1/2-2/11
6.5"6Hydrangea 'New Promise™' *New!*1/29-2/11
4.5"15Hydrangea 'Ravel', Single Bloom1/22-2/11, 4/23-5/13
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Ravel'1/24-8/27
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Red Beauty'10/15-12/31
4.5"15Hydrangea 'Revolution', Multi Bloom in patina tin (wick) *New!*1/1-5/13, 12/11-12/31
6"6Hydrangea 'Revolution', in patina tin1/1-5/13, 12/11-12/31
4.5"15Hydrangea 'Shooting Star™', Multi Bloom1/1-8/31, 11/5-12/31
4.5"15Hydrangea 'Shooting Star™', Multi Bloom, Patriotic5/14-5/20, 6/4-7/1
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Shooting Star™'1/1-5/13, 10/22-12/31
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Shooting Star™', Patriotic6/11-6/22
4.5"15Hydrangea 'Vintage Harvest™', Multi Bloom8/21-11/19
6.5"6Hydrangea 'Vintage Harvest™'8/21-11/19
6.5"6Hydrangea 'White Robe'1/1-12/31
8"4Hydrangea 'White Robe'11/19-12/16
3.5"15Jasmine Cascading Petite in vase1/1-7/7
Qt15Jasmine Cascading1/1-6/23, 10/29-12/31
6.5"6Jasmine Cascading in hanging moss basket4/23-5/13
5"8Jasmine Wreath (2018 only)1/1-6/8
6.5"6Jasmine Cascading1/1-6/30, 10/29-12/31
11"2Jasmine Cascading Basket4/24-5/6
6.5"6Lace Cap Hydrangea, Assorted Colors1/1-11/4, 12/17-12/31
6.5"6Lace Cap Hydrangea, White10/29-12/16
4"10Lady Slipper Orchid in clay pot1/1-11/11
6.5"6Lavender in Moss Basket1/29-2/18, 4/24-5/6
6"6Lily 'Bella'1/22-2/11, 4/23-5/13
6"6Lily 'Bella Blanc'11/12-12/14
6"6Lily 'Bordeaux' *New!*10/1-11/4
6"6Lily 'Christmas Story' *New!*11/12-12/16
5"10Lily 'Double Sunset'3/5-5/13
5"10Lily 'Fall Motif'8/27-11/9
Qt15Lily 'Hobbit'1/1-2/11, 4/23-5/13
6"6Lily LA Hybrid (Easter lily x Asiatic hybrid)3/10-5/13, 8/13-11/4
6"6Lily 'Love Story'1/22-2/9, 5/14-8/31
6"6Lily Oriental1/1-11/4
6"6Lily 'Winter'11/13-12/17
3.5"15Ornithogalum 'Bethlehem' Petite in vase1/1-6/3, 11/5-12/31
Qt15Ornithogalum 'Bethlehem'1/1-6/16, 11/5-12/31
6"6Ornithogalum 'Bethlehem'1/1-6/16, 11/5-12/31
3.5"15Ornithogalum 'Sun Star' Petite in vase1/1-11/11
4.5"15Ornithogalum 'Sun Star'1/1-11/10
6"6Ornithogalum 'Sun Star'1/1-11/10
3.5"15Pincushion Petite in vase5/15-10/21
4.5"10Scarlet Paintbrush *New!*7/1-7/31
4.5"15Sedum Sieboldii in patina tin *New!*8/20-9/16
6.5"6Sedum Sieboldii in patina tin *New!*8/20-9/16
4Succulent Chica Picture Frame1/1-12/31
4Succulent Grande Picture Frame1/1-12/31
6Succulent Window Box1/1-12/31
4Winter Succulent Chica Picture Frame11/1-12/15
4Winter Succulent Grande Picture Frame11/1-12/15
6Winter Succulent Window Box11/1-12/15
6"6Sunrise™ Cactus2/28-5/12
4"15Zygo Cactus8/21-12/17
6"6Zygo Cactus8/21-12/17
8"4Zygo Cactus9/25-12/17