Bay City Flower Company is a fourth generation family owned business, growing flowers of quality and distinction for over 100 years. We are located in Half Moon Bay, California, a coastal community just south of San Francisco, an ideal climate for the many specialty crops we grow.

Our company’s mission is "Bringing Beauty To Life” because nothing pleases us more than cultivating and offering awe inspiring flowers that bring beauty and joy to your life.

In 1910, our founder, Nobuo Higaki started Higaki Nursery in Redwood City, California shortly after he immigrated from Japan. In the early days we grew cut carnations, roses, chrysanthemums and gardenias for florists in San Francisco. When the Great Depression hit in 1929, few had money to buy flowers, so the family grew green beans, cucumbers, celery transplants and tomatoes in an attempt to financially stay alive. In 1942 during World War II, by way of Executive Order 9066, the Higaki family was forced to abandon their nursery and home and relocated to Idaho. Nobuo was separated from the family and incarcerated at a camp in North Dakota. Gratefully, a local Bay Area grower leased out the family’s greenhouses, and continued harvesting their existing crops and a Redwood City banker collected rent on behalf of the family. When the war ended, the family returned to the nursery and Harry Higaki, Nobuo’s first son, took leadership and incorporated the business under its current name, Bay City Flower Company.

Under Harry’s visionary leadership, we began growing potted plants instead of cut flowers. In 1960, the nursery relocated to Half Moon Bay, and over time acquired more space and property to expand production. In 1986, Harry’s son, Harrison Higaki was named president of the company. Harrison and his diverse and skillful executive team of non-family members, expanded our product line and evolved from shipping mainly on the West Coast to all 50 states. With a commitment to quality and excellence, this team along with our dedicated and long time associates navigated our company through the teeth of the Great Recession. The story of Bay City has been a journey with many twists and turns, high risk, and many times low return financially. But, the return on investment on the hard work and dedication of four generations of family and non-family associates cannot be measured by any financial metric. And the story continues today, down the road of faith, hope, love and a passion for bringing beauty to life!