Where is your company located?
Our office and growing grounds are located in Half Moon Bay, California.
I am a retailer looking to purchase plants, how do I set up an account?
Please email an inquiry to sales@baycityflower.com or click here to set up an account with us.
What is your minimum order?
10 cases. Depending on shipping method there are increased case minimums.
How do you ship your products?
  • Air Freight – freight collect only
  • Common carrier
  • Refrigerated LTLs (2 pallet minimum) or truck load
What temperature should your blooming plants travel?
36-38 degrees.  Product must be held at the stated temperature throughout the shipping and distribution system to retain product quality.
Can your plants be shipped with produce?
Yes, but nothing that emits ethylene. Ethylene causes serious plant damage.
Do you have any shipping restrictions?
Due to agriculture restrictions, Bay City Flower product is unable to ship outside of the United States, with the exception of Canada. We can ship to Hawaii with soil restrictions.
Can I plant your plants outside?
Depending on your zone, yes. Please refer to our Care Info page to find care and zone information on a specific plant and click here for a zone map.
Please email info@baycityflower.com for further questions.