TemperaturePrefers 55°-80° F. Tolerates 34°-90° F
LightWhile blooming in the pot, almost any light. Prefers bright light; full sun in the yard.
WaterKeep soil moist but not soggy.
FertilizerNone while in bloom. Balanced feed in the spring.
SoilAlmost any type. Try topsoil, sand, fir bark (1:1:1 ratio).
USDA Zone(s)Zones 3 - 9. Click here for a zone map.
AvailabilityMid June - August
After Care
After the flowers are gone, plant the Liatris in a sunny, well-draining area of the yard and allow the leaves to die back. Liatris likes the sun but if the weather turns excessively hot, partial shade during midday may produce better results. Water occasionally if necessary to keep the soil slightly moist. Leave the corms undisturbed through fall and winter. Liatris corms are quite hardy and can probably withstand all but the coldest of winters but mulch well when temperatures drop. In the spring, remove the mulch and watch for new growth to appear. Fertilize with a well-balanced fertilizer during the growth phase but discontinue this when the buds appear and do not fertilize during the blooming period. Keep the soil moist but not wet. After a year or two, the bulbs may need dividing so dig them up in late fall and replant, spacing the bulbs as desired. Liatris is a relatively easy plant to grow in the yard but pot culture is more difficult so we do not recommend it for home gardeners.