TemperatureTolerates 36-90° F. 50-80° F is ideal. In dormancy, the bulbs below ground level can tolerate temperatures as low as 10° F.
LightSlightly shaded sun, or bright indoor light.
WaterMoist but not soggy. Tolerates short periods of drought.
FertilizerNone required while blooming. Feed lightly with balanced fertilizer after the plant has finished blooming.
SoilTop soil, Peat moss, Sand (1:2:1 ratio).
USDA Zone(s)Zones 8 - 9. Click here for a zone map.
AvailabilityYear Round
Care Information
Ornithogalum will naturalize and should re-bloom in late spring, either in their pots or planted directly in a sunny spot in the garden. In colder climates: when the flowers are finished, discontinue watering. Remove the leaves when they are completely yellow and dried (the bulbs receive their nourishment from the leaves for next years flowers.) Carefully lift the bulbs from the soil and keep in a cool, dry dark place. In the early spring after the last frost, plant the bulbs in 3” of soil either in a pot or in the garden and water. Keep the soil moist but never wet until the leaves begin to emerge. The leaves grow before the flower spikes begin to show. After the first year, you may notice small 'cormlets' (miniature bulbs) growing on the main bulb. These can be removed and planted to make other pots.