Temperature50-70° F. but with acclimation, can tolerate short periods of 38-85° F. extremes. Flowers last longer if plant is kept in cool environment.
LightMedium diffused. To regulate blooming time, see After Care, below.
WaterKeep the soil slightly moist but not soggy. Excessive moisture can result in Botrytis or root rot. Water more frequently in warm dry weather but be sure to drain well.
FertilizerDo not fertilize while the plant is in bloom. An all purpose liquid fertilizer can be applied every few weeks during the growing season but discontinue this when the new buds appear.
SoilCoarse peat moss.
USDA Zone(s)Zones 9-10. Click here for a zone map.
AvailabilityJanuary - May
After Care
If the Sunrise™ begins to look top-heavy for the pot, it's time to repot to the next size larger pot. Do this right after the blooming season ends using a medium such as peat moss and bark. Sunrise cactus need thermoinduction, a method used by horticulturists to induce bud formation through the use of temperature changes. The Sunrise™ Cactus requires about six weeks of cooler temperature (average 50° F. at night and 55 - 60° F. days) for the buds to form and set. In all but the most northern and southern states, this can usually be accomplished by leaving the plant on a porch or covered patio during the winter months. Be sure to protect the plant during a cold snap. As the days lengthen, the buds should become plump and ready to blooms. Bring the plant indoors to enjoy!